Funeral Services

A Christian funeral or memorial service is a service of worship in memory and honor of one who has passed on to be with the Lord.

The Federated Church is available for funeral and memorial services for members and friends of the church. These are to be conducted by a Pastor of the Federated Church.

Families should arrange to call the Pastor as soon as possible to meet and make plans for the service.

  • A bulletin with the order of worship can be arranged if enough notice is given
  • Caskets will be closed for church funerals
  • The sanctuary is available for two hours prior to the service
  • Committals can be held before the funeral, immediately after the funeral or at a later time.

Parking spaces are saved in front of the church for the funeral car and family vehicle. Parking for those attending the service during the week can be found on North Street behind the stores facing Main Street. On the weekends parking is available behind the bank building across from the church. Please do not park there during their business hours.

The family can meet in the Parlor before the service. From there the Pastor will usher you into the sanctuary.

At the conclusion of the service the family will be escorted out.

Following the service you can meet guests in the narthex, the parlor or Baldwin Hall.

Memorial gifts given to Memorial Fund of the Federated Church of Hyannis or a specifically designated Memorial can be arranged. It is suggested that you speak with the Pastor before making such a designation.

Honorariums are usually paid through the funeral home’s regular billing procedure.

The normal honorariums are:

  1. Pastor $300 for a funeral or memorial service including a committal service the same day. Committals that are conducted on a separate day are $75 additional.
  2. Organist $200 for the service
  3. Sexton $125.

All fees should be paid at the time of the service unless otherwise arranged.