Music in Worship

We are lucky in this great congregation to have a small but very excellent choir with positive attitudes and a willingness to both repeat the old standards as well as take on some new sounds.

It is our hope that we will grow in number and even become on occasions a “concert choir.”

In addition, it would be great, if in the future we could share our joy of music making with other choirs in the region.

I would like to see the day when we are guests at other churches and other churches are guests of ours.

In addition to our great choir, we have hosted a stellar concert series. It is the “Concert Series At 320 Main”. (

Roy Campbell, music director
Roy Campbell, music director

We have had a wide variety of performers here ranging from a soprano from the New York Metropolitan Opera to a five piece jazz band, to even a world premier of a new Broadway show!

We would love to have you join us,