Weekly Prayer July 21

Fire of life, thank you for bringing me safely through the night. As this new day dawns let me receive it as a gift and a blessing.

Open my mind and senses to be fully awake to you.

Attune my body to the rhythms of the day so that I can love and serve others as you guide me.

If I experience hardship or pain or if I am exposed to danger, send your Holy Spirit to help me to put my trust more fully in you.

Remind me that in life and in death I belong to you.

Let me walk gently on the earth, thankful for your providence and grace.

Let me dance joyfully with you, mindful that I share movement with planets and stars.

When the day is done and it is time to rest, grant that I can offer the day to you with thanksgiving.

I offer my prayer in the name of the Beloved Son, Jesus Christ the Lord.